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Learn how to install MM.css framework and use it in your projects.

You can download MM.css latest release and use dist/mm.min.css in your project or use it via CDN as shown below.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

However, we recommend that you use the source file mm.scss in your project, so that you can add your own style overrides. See below for instructions.

Install via npm

npm install mmcss --save

Include MM.css in your project

Ensure node_modules is added to your Sass includes/load_paths. If you are using MMPilot for building your project, this would have already been taken care for you.

If you are using Sass (recommended) to build your stylesheets then add the following code

@import 'mmcss/src/mm';

You can also include the dist (compiled and minified) version directly if you don't want to do any style overrides.

@import 'mmcss/dist/mm';

Want to contribute to the documentation? Edit this page on Github.